Work we're proud of

All about me

In partnership with our families our children created an amazing display to look back to. Everyone was given a chance to fill in the information about themselves and then talk to their friends about their families, homes and people who they love. It extended into drawing some really great self portraits and colouring in their family members.


Autumn season

We love the colours of Autumn. In response to all changing colours in the autumn, our children and their parents collected lots of different coloured objects. They then brought them in and made amazing colourful collages for our Autumn display. Lots of new words around this again and some cute clay hedgehogs to add to the collection. 


Our Healthy rainbow

In response to our book of the week Handa's Surprise we created a Heathy rainbow. Our children learned a lot of new fruit and vegetables, matched them to the rainbow according to colour and eventually acted out the whole story of Handa's Surprise. 


The gingerbread man

This story of the week was an absolute wow factor. We learned new rhymes and cooked our own gingerbread men. The pictures in the end look amazing. The story developed into a trip to the Theatre to watch "The gingerbread man".