Club Explorer reflects perfectly on our curriculum and children's needs and interests


In the sensory corner children experience calm and comfortable space with relaxing music, environmental sounds and amazing lights and colours. The area has touch/feel materials and busy boards  developing critical thinking. 


Sound and tunes. Children's listening skills and phonological awareness begins with sound. Making music with alternating high and low sounds is something our children love and truly enjoy.

Our children play and develop with challenges and experiments. Risky play teaches thinking skills, limits and boundaries. It encourages children to feel in control of their actions. It increases self confidence, resilience and creativity. 

Exploring Connections with wires and devises, screws and bolts, plugs and sockets develops children's critical thinking and provides sustained learning in the wow moment of engagement and interaction. 

Building superstructures with tubes, pipes and tunnels. Elevating and levelling, running cars and balls through them is just brain building through problem solving. 

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Being around the nature is the best start for everyone in their early years. The touch of all natural objects develops children's sensory experiences and their ability to describe what they feel.