Letters and sounds Phonics programme Phase 1

We concentrate on developing children's speaking and listening skills and lay the foundation for the phonic work starting in Phase 2. During Phase 1 we emphasise on making children aware of the sounds around them, ready to begin oral blending and segmenting skills. 

Phase 1 is divided into seven aspects

Children in Pre school and Reception are working on the aspects 4-7.

In detail these aspects mean the following

Listening to words ending with similar sounds in songs and stories and playing with words helps children understand rhymes in everyday situation. It includes games like Metal Mike, Match the rhyming cards, listen to the beat and rhyming books. 

This aspect focuses on the initial sound of the words. We achieve this by playing with words that start with the same sound, I spy games, Sound boxes with objects beginning with the same sound, Creating silly phrases like Millie's Magic Mittens

This aspect works alongside Aspect 5 and explores speech sounds and the range of sounds you can make with your voice. It focuses on making noises within a story or rhyme, such as baa baa for sheep or chuff chuff for train. For some children, the clues about voices and facial expression support their understanding of the story.

Oral blending can be modelled when books are being shared or in everyday activities by breaking a word into phonemes, e.g. p-i-g. Children who can hear phonemes in words and can sound them out accurately are generally making good progress in reading and writing. 

You can find more resources, activity ideas and games oh Phase 1 by clicking here

Read Write Inc

Some children, who are due to start school the following September, are having an extended short session called Read Write Inc, in response to their interest. They are presented special flashcards, which introduce the sounds and eventually enable children to decode words easily, preparing them for school.