Parents are really involved in our learning with wonderful activities  

Parent's consultations

These are very important meetings between Parents and the keyworkers. The discussion includes details of child's development, areas of improvement, strengths and interests as well as parent's views/expectations on their child's learning journey. 

Staying Healthy

We deliver a lot of information on how to stay healthy and teach good habits to children. Leaf lets about healthy eating are always available outside on display and interesting activities like tooth brushing chart is also there for everyone to help themselves. Screen time advice is also given on our displays and everyone receives an email about it. 

Annual trips

We arrange a day trip once a year for the children and their parents. All parents are invited to come as parent-helpers. This gives everyone the chance to feel actively involved in the atmosphere of our day. 

Help is available

We regularly display a lot of information about council services, help with household bills/issues, How to apply for primary school as well as the Groups available for children outside Pre-school. This includes Chatterbox, local children's centres etc. This information is also emailed to all parents. 

Work we're proud of.

We share pictures of our amazing displays with all parents usually via emails. It's always lovely to see children's work displayed. The link to our website is also shared with parents so that they can see their children's creativity displayed. 

Learning Together

Parents are invited to our presentations, led by the manager, which take part in the lobby and are very informative.

They visually inform parents about their child's Tapestry online journal and help is provided with logging in. 

Information about EYFS and what to expect is also given and sent via e-mail to all parents. Information about the areas of development is displayed outside on the attractive board alongside lots of pictures. The photograph display at the entrance gives all parents visual understanding of how children learn best and also provides ideas for then on how to interact with children.

Activity sheets (age appropriate), related to our book of the week are always available on the parent's board.

The importance of the Communication and Language development at this age is also highlighted and the way we work together in order to improve those skills in children. Poetry basket is shared on the website and slips with our poem is available for all parents to take home and practice with children

Toy Library

All children are allowed to take a toy home and return it after a week. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for all children to enjoy a variety of toys and learning resources. It also develops the understanding of them taking something and then bringing it back.

Book Library

We have Pre School library, where the children are encouraged to choose a book to take home. Then when they are finished with the book they bring it back.

Home learning packs

These packs are activities that the children take home to continue their learning.

Some of these packs include books in different languages to include bilingual families and the families with English as an additional language.

Annual Fun day

We have a yearly fun day, where the staff, children and their families can spend the day together having fun, outdoor games, races, craft activities and have lots of memorable moments. 

Play Sessions

Special days are always fun with our stay and play activities.

Here ae a few examples.

- Mums are invited for a cupcake cake decoration with their children.

- Parents are actively participating at or Easter Craft morning, Egg and Spoon race and Easter Egg hunt, which finishes with a nice coffee morning with lots of refreshments.

Festivals and Celebrations

We value all festivals and do our best to celebrate all the important days for our children and families. On such special days, a parent is invited to come and explain to all children the concept of the festival, so most children understand and even try some interesting practices from around the world. 

With The help of our parents,  we dance with different African instruments for Black History Month. We all paint Diwa pots and colour Rangoli Patterns for Diwali. We all perform a Nativity for Christmas, which is shared with all parents. We eat noodles with chopsticks and listen to Chinese zodiac story for Chinese New Year. We listen to the concept of the moon cycle and fasting for Eid. Cake decoration ii very popular for Mother's day . Easter is also great fun with lots of parents participating in our Easter Egg hunt, Craft activities and Egg and Spoon race.