Fees for attending Christ Church branch

Attendance fees
Loving Hands Pre School Christ Church

  • £30.00 per day for 2-year-old children if they are not eligible for the 2-year-old government funding.
  • £30.00 per day for 3-year-old children for the months after they turn 3 until the next academic term starts and Government funding takes over.
  • Admission fee - a one off payment of £30.00 if your child is not eligible for funding


  • All 3-year-old children are eligible for government funding for 15 hours. Our staff can help with the application for this funding. Funding is granted for the term after children turn 3. (This would mean that, if a child turns 3 in November, their funding is granted for the term beginning in January the following year)
  • Some 2-year-old children are also eligible for government funding, depending on the family’s situation. Eligibility can be checked online. Our staff can also help with checking eligibility.

Funded Places
To check your eligibility for 2 yr old and 3 yr old funding please click on the links below: