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Outdoor fun


Autumn leaf collection

Football is simply the best every Thursday. A professional coach comes to Christ Church Pre School and gives our children a football session. Everyone loves the chance to engage in structured games and physical exercises, building children's concentration, coordination, teamwork and understanding.

Yoga is our time for thinking, concentration and mindfulness. All children love it and it builds concentration span, strength and flexibility. It helps children's mental and physical wellbeing and it's a very popular activity. 


The maze is our absolute WOW factor. It builds just everything when it comes to childhood. Thinking and strategies, fun and excitement. Our maze has secret gates, which can suddenly close and open elsewhere. It turns into road for our cars, ball control tunnel, or simply some crawling through corridors. 

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Discovering floating and sinking action, our children enjoyed the chance to choose object and observe their action in water. The fishing bowl became real with light, colours and motion. Everyone had the opportunity draw a fish bowl of their own, observing the action of each object. we saw frogs, fish, pebbles and logs, wooden balls, seahorses and jellyfish. IMG_97186263 (1)