Special place and time

Daily activities

Shapes on the floor

In the Snow


Snow games are always fun. We Were so lucky this year. Our Snowman is simply the best

Guess who I am

We all have fun with this game trying to identify which child we touch

My own bat and ball

Maths in action

patterns and subitising, creating a number line


Role play Doctors

Hide and seek

Promoting Sensory food education

Planting Outdoors


Bread painting

Singing with musical instruments

Friendship bracelets

Cooking fun

    Peeling and mashing potatoes, grating soap to create bubbles

                                jelly play and fruit tasting


Hedgehogs visit

Constructing with purpose

Fine motor skills


securing pasta on paper and

peeling our own clementines

Autumn nature exploring

    collecting leaves and twigs, climbing trees


Being Creative


Marble painting

Dinosaur Kingdom


Promoting Independence

Buttering your own bread
Buttering your own bread

Sports day




Watching caterpillars grow

Ice lollies on a hot day


News on the queen

Looking at a newspaper helps our children become familiar with famous people around the world

Peeling potatoes

Peeling potaties ia an amazing activity for fine motor skills development